Audio: Church, Minaya Discuss Mets-Braves Trade

Ryan ChurchHere’s the announcement to the media from Omar Minaya discussing today’s trade with the Braves. Ryan Church and Jeff Francoeur and trading right fields in the NL East.

Omar Minaya audio

This is Ryan Church’s reaction to the news that he’s been traded to the Braves. He does a good job of showing class when he could have taken the opportunity to air grievances with his year and a half as a Met.

Ryan Church audio

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2 thoughts on “Audio: Church, Minaya Discuss Mets-Braves Trade

  1. RobinTheBoyWonderingWTF

    did Omar say left handed dominant? did he really have the nerve to use the word “dominant”? That is a word that does not apply to any aspect of hitting on this team.

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