Cardinals 6- Mets 4 April 21, 2009

42109I think at the end of the year we’ll look back at this game as one of the ugliest losses of the season. Oliver Perez was pitching pretty well until he completely lost it in the bottom of the fifth culminating when he walked light-hitting Khalil Greene with the bases loaded. Casey Fossum came in and threw gas on the fire by walking Joe Thurston with the bases loaded. Ugly!

We had catchers interference called on Ramon Castro. Daniel Murphy got picked off first base by the catcher, then botched two balls badly in left field. J.J. Putz got hit hard in the eighth, giving up 2 runs. Carlos Beltran inexplicably didn’t slide into home on a ball that he clearly should’ve slid.

This was just an all-around bad game.

Box score

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