Delgado 2 HR’s Powers Mets Over Phillies 6-3

Carlos Delgado went on a tear in the second game of the double header against the Phillies. He ripped Cole Hamels for two homers and four RBI’s.

Johan Santana did his usual 7.1 innings and allowing two runs. He’s a machine at producing very good starts. It’s amazing how consistent he is.

Luis Ayala allowed a run in the ninth but it wasn’t enough for the Phillies to mount a comeback. Ayala is going to be a “cross your fingers” closer possibly for the rest of the season. That’s not a good feeling.

Box score

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2 thoughts on “Delgado 2 HR’s Powers Mets Over Phillies 6-3

  1. TD

    Hear hear on Ayala. Let’s hope Reyes and Wright start hitting again this month! Delgado is carrying the team right now.

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