Mets 1- Phillies 0 May 6, 2009

Johan Santana. What more can you say? This guy is unbelievable.  Tonight he went 7 innings giving up only 2 hits and 3 walks and had 10 strikeouts. His season ERA is down to 0.91 now.

The Mets only got 2 hits in the game. They scored the only run of the game in the seventh innings. Carlos Delgado walked and Fernando Tatis had an infield single that Pedro Feliz threw away into right field. Delgado chugged all the way around from first base to score. He ran threw a Razor Shines stop sign to score as well.

It seems like Tatis is in the middle of something positive for the Mets every time he gets into a game. This is a continuation of last season. He just seems to have a knack for doing something good for the team.

I should also mention that Chan Ho Park was also outstanding tonight for the Phillies. He went 6 innings giving up only 1 hit.


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