Mets Bullpen Falls Apart Again In 7-6 Loss To Braves

The Mets had a 4-3 lead going into the bottom of the eighth inning. Mike Pelfrey didn’t have one of his best games, but it was good enough. He went six innings giving up three runs, a quality start. Then came the infamous Mets bullpen. It’s incredible that nobody can be trusted in the bullpen. I can’t remember such poor performances as a group as the 2008 Mets bullpen.

Schoenweiss, Smith, Feliciano, and Heilman all contributed to today’s disaster in Atlanta. It’s the same old story.

Another great offensive game by Carlos Delgado was wasted. He went 4 for 5 with 2 runs, 3 RBI’s, and a dramatic home run in the ninth to get the Mets within one run of tying the game.


Box score

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2 thoughts on “Mets Bullpen Falls Apart Again In 7-6 Loss To Braves

  1. TD

    The Phillies are a combined 22-8 against Atlanta and Washington
    The Mets are a combined 9-8 against Chicago and Florida
    The Brewers are a combined 16-9 against Chicago and Pitt.
    These are all home games for the three clubs.

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