Mets Home Stand Review- May 21-27, 2010

New York Mets' Reyes and Pagan celebrate after they beat the Philadelphia Phillies to sweep their MLB National League baseball series in New York

Considering the defending American League and National League champions were visiting, I’d say a 5-1 home stand was reasonable, no?

Friday, May 21st: Yankees 2, Mets 1
Saturday, May, 22nd: Yankees 3, Mets 5
Sunday, May 23rd: Yankees 4, Mets 6
Tuesday, May 25th: Phillies 0, Mets 8
Wednesday, May 26th: Phillies 0, Mets 5
Thursday, May 27th: Phillies 0, Mets 3

Predicted Mets Home Stand: 4-2.

Actual Mets Home Stand: 5-1. This is even better, because as I stated in the review, 4-2 got the Mets back to .500. Now, the Mets sit at 25-23, two games above!

Without a doubt, the absolute best part about this home stand was sweeping the Phillies. And shutting them out in all three games! The Mets won the series by a combined score of 16-0. That’s like the score of a Canada-Afghanistan hockey match.

There were a couple members of the team that were a huge part in this successful home stand. The first is Mike Pelfrey. Big Pelf won both of his starts on this home stand, shutting down the Yankees and Phillies for most of their respective games. The second is Jose Reyes, who had multiple hits in all five games the Mets won on this home stand. That whole “the Mets go as Reyes goes” theory? It’s more than a theory, it’s an utter reality.

This home stand was certainly the brightest part of the Mets’ season so far. You could argue the 9-1 home stand was the best stretch the Mets have played, but you can argue right back that this was certainly the tougher home stand against the Phillies and the Yankees, where a 2-4 nose dive was very possible.

Most Memorable Game: It’s up for grabs, as all five games were very important wins, but in my opinion the last game of the Phillies’ series where the Mets shut the Phils out for the third straight time was just an unexplainable rush. Three straight shutouts against our arch rivals. Talk about some bragging rights.

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Author: Doug Gausepohl

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