Mets Injury Updates- Wagner and Church

NEW YORK - MAY 13:  Ryan Church #19 of the New...

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Billy Wagner pitched a simulated game in Pittsburgh on Saturday. He’s attempting to return from a stint on the disabled list for a problem with his left forearm. But he suffered a setback when his left elbow felt sore. He’ll return to New York today to be examined by the Mets medical staff. Obviously, he won’t come off the disabled list as planned tomorrow.

The Wagner setback leaves us crossing our fingers, holding our breath, or covering our eyes at the end of games into this week. As many saves as Wagner has blown this season, it’s still difficult to watch the patchwork bullpen working through close games in late inning situations.

Ryan Church was the designated hitter yesterday in the Gulf Coast League. He’ll return to New York to play with Brooklyn or Binghamton as inclement weather is expected in Florida. The Mets want him to keep playing games as much as possible. His next step is to play right field in a game tomorrow.

I’m still surprised that the Fernando Tatis and rookie platoon in left field has gone as well as it has since Church went on the disabled list.


Author: Dave Doyle

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