Mets Road Trip Preview: June 11-20, 2010

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The Mets may have found their way to jump start some success on the road: awful American League teams.

The Mets will face two of the worst teams in the AL, the Orioles and the Indians, to start off the road trip. The final series, the Mets will take part in the second half of the Subway Series, with the final three games taking place at Yankee Stadium.

Friday, June 11th: Mets (Dickey) vs. Orioles (Guthrie) 7:05 PM
Saturday, June 12th: Mets (Takahashi) vs. Orioles (Matusz) 7:05 PM
Sunday, June 13th: Mets (Pelfrey) vs. Orioles (Millwood) 1:35 PM
Tuesday, June 15th: Mets (Santana) vs. Indians (Masterson) 7:05 PM
Wednesday, June 16th: Mets (Niese) vs. Indians (Talbot) 7:05 PM
Thursday, June 17th: Mets (Dickey) vs. Indians (Westbrook) 7:05 PM
Friday, June 18th: Mets (Takahashi) vs. Yankees (Vazquez) 7:05 PM
Saturday, June 19th: Mets (Pelfrey) vs. Yankees (Hughes) 1:05 PM
Sunday, June 20th: Mets (Santana) vs. Yankees (Sabathia) 1:05 PM

Predicted Mets Road Trip Record: Yet again, I really want to see something out of this team on the road before I get excited. What would it take? The two teams before the Yankees are so bad, and the Mets’ pitching matches up with the Yankees so well in those three games… I’m thinking 6-3 is an excellent goal. Two of three in each of these series is very reachable.

Let’s face it, no one will take the Mets seriously until they can win on the road, so why not build up some confidence against some lower-quality teams like the O’s and the Tribe?

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Author: Doug Gausepohl

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