Mets-SNY Gary, Keith, and Ron Voted MLB 2nd Best

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Gary Cohen along with ex-Mets Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling form one of the best broadcast teams in Major League Baseball. Their stellar commentary earned them the #2 spot on GQ’s list of the best and worst television broadcast teams in the MLB. The team was second to only Vin Scully, the ageless solo act for the Dodgers’ broadcast. You can see the rankings for yourself here.

I really feel that only true Met fans understand the worth of these guys in the booth. Gary’s outstanding play-by-play combined with Keith and Ronny’s in-depth knowledge of the game make for 9 innings of enthralling baseball discussion night in and night out.

In my mind, Gary, Keith, and Ron cannot be considered “homers,” although their connection with the team is evident through their commentary. I think it’s safe to say that the three are all Met fans at heart but they honor their profession by calling it like they see it, something that several broadcast teams (cough cough, YES Network, cough) fail to do. Although their discussions may stray from the focus of the game at times, they always keep it interesting. Whether it’s Keith explaining his criteria for a good steak, Ron delving into different world cultures, or Gary talking about how horrible a head first slide into first base is three innings after it happens, our guys captivate baseball minds that are tuning in. I’m almost hesitant to attend games because I won’t get to listen to them (that is a lie, Citi Field is like my church).

Keith and Ron are such valuable assets from a fan standpoint because their baseball knowledge is really through the roof. Obviously both were staples of the ’86 Mets, and were winning players throughout their careers. Keith revolutionized the position he played and was an MVP. Ron possesses intellect pertaining to the mound that matches his Ivy League diploma.

As a fan base we are privileged to have these guys in our ear during most Met broadcasts. I consider them a part of Mets baseball and hope they remain a team for years to come.

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Author: John Wenk

I live in Northern Westchester, NY, and I am a lifelong Mets fan. I received my degree in Communication & Media from SUNY New Paltz. Over the years, this franchise has taught me how to hope for the best, but expect the worst, all while providing me with baseball memories to last a lifetime. My favorite Mets player of all time is John Olerud because of his demeanor and all around solid approach to the game. I wish the Mets would get rid of all the black in their uniforms, but wish they'd get rid of Oliver Perez even more. I hope my opinions can stir up everyone's interest a bit.

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  1. It's about time someone recognized that GKR are the best at what they do. Yes, they love the Mets, but are also the first ones to point out a flaw in our team. Their banter and inside jokes make you feel like you are watching each game with your closest friends.

    Congrats to the best broadcast team in baseball!

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