Mets Tatis Comeback Player Of The Year

Mets outfielder Fernando Tatis received a well-deserved award this week from the Major League Baseball Players Association, the Comeback Player of the Year Award. His work in the outfield was a little shaky at times, but you can’t deny that his offense was fantastic. Tatis had more clutch hits this season than any player, including the guys that were out there every day.

Tatis’ line was awesome: 92 G| 273 AB| .297| .369| .484| 11 HR| 47 RBI| 123 OPS+. Compare that to Carlos Delgado’s OPS+ of 127.

Tatis was even more valuable to the Mets than expected with Moises Alou going down for the season again in May. There’s no way that Omar Minaya expected to get 273 AB’s out of Tatis when they brought him up to the majors. Hopefully, the free agent will sign a new deal with the Mets. If they signed Marlon Anderson last off-season to a two-year deal, they should certainly offer two years to Tatis.

Check out this Q&A that David Brown from Yahoo Sports did with Tatis.

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Author: Dave Doyle

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