Report: Randolph Will Not Be Fired

New York Mets manager Willie Randolph is coming home from Colorado to a well publicized meeting with the Wilpons tomorrow. Sports Illustrated baseball writer Jon Heyman is reporting tonight that Randolph won’t be fired at this meeting.

The report doesn’t seem to offer any factual evidence such as a quote from a team employee. It’s more conjecture based on the Wilpons’ past behavior to predict future behavior.

Basically, the column states that Willie will probably be given a very short amount of time, as little as a week, to display a change in the team. He may be given just the homestand against the Marlins and Dodgers to prove that the Mets are on the right track.

I’m not so sure that the Wilpons won’t make a change tomorrow.

Author: Dave Doyle

Although I don’t have a degree in journalism, I love writing about the New York Mets. I’m the typical writer without access. My only accessibility to the Mets is sitting in the stands (often the upper tank) and watching on TV like most fans. I’m not a member of the media, just a fan expressing opinions.