Santana The Great Leads Mets To Shutout Over Marlins 2-0

The Mets didn’t get much offense today mustering only six hits and two runs. But that turned out to be enough because Johan Santana was on the hill.

I was lucky enough to be at the game today with terrific seats. I went with Rich, Greg, and Jim from the band Scratch. Clearly, there was some good karma from us being there. And the house was rocking for the last weekend of regular season games at Shea Stadium ever.

Santana sliced through the Marlins lineup like a Ginsu knife, throwing a complete game 3-hit shutout. All of this on the heels of three days rest and a 125 pitch effort in his last start, more than he’s ever thrown as a professional. The fans were chanting his name throughout the game and into the afternoon as we joyfully walked down the ramps of Shea exiting the stadium, many of us for what could be the final time.

Santana just became a modern folk hero in Flushing. The Venezuelan native proved he has what it takes to succeed in big market, high pressure situations. Now he’s a Met…

The NL East title is out of reach but the Mets control their own destiny for the Wild Card as the Brewers lost to the Cubs this afternoon. The entire season is in the hands of Oliver Perez tomorrow.

Box score

Author: Dave Doyle

Although I don’t have a degree in journalism, I love writing about the New York Mets. I’m the typical writer without access. My only accessibility to the Mets is sitting in the stands (often the upper tank) and watching on TV like most fans. I’m not a member of the media, just a fan expressing opinions.

8 thoughts on “Santana The Great Leads Mets To Shutout Over Marlins 2-0”

  1. Now that the cubbies took care of the brewers today, I think I can sleep tonight and be hopeful tomorrow. I defy anyone to tell me of a better performance by Met pitcher in a late season situation then Johan gave today. The man is a beast! I am hoping he inspired Ollie.

  2. I was wondering if Yogi would be there today. I did get some pictures yesterday. You can see them in the Featured Photos section in the middle of my site. Click on one to link to the Flickr page.

  3. Nice pix dave, GREAT seats!!!I think it would be cool if ALL people who visit this sight submit pictures of Mets games photos along with other Met related multi media. 🙂 it would make the sight even better 🙂 but we all have to do it hehehe! . Citi Field should be great for stuff next year:)

  4. Those are definitely some nice shots Dave. What’d you use to get that close up of Santana? Or was that you that run out on the field during the game to get a close up?

  5. Great job with your Blog the entire year, Dave! Speaking for thosands of fans, we loved the first year of “The Mets Report” and hope you can continue the great reporting, commentary, insights, opinions, and posting of pictures for a good many years to come! – Rich Stephen

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