Schoenweiss and Sosa Available for Trades

Good luck Omar! Scott Schoenweiss has 2 years and $7.2 million left on his contract. Jorge Sosa has one year and $2 million left. Look at last year’s numbers:

Schoenweiss: 70 games 0-2 5.03 ERA

Sosa: 42 games 9-8 4.47 ERA

Neither one of these two is a prize out of the bullpen. Hang on to your hat when they come in the game because it’s going to be a wild ride. Sosa can start but I don’t see him having much value there either. He started 14 games last year and wasn’t particularly effective.

Omar Minaya must be hoping that some desperate team for bullpen help will take one or both of these bad contracts off his hands.

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