Mets and Marlins Empty Benches But Avoid Brawl

Cody Ross got hit by Mike Pelfrey in the arm during the second inning last night and didn’t like it. You could clearly hear him yell “God damn it!” during the broadcast and you could see him yelling “F*ck you!” at Pelfrey as he walked to first base.

The benches cleared and Mike Jacobs was the only player being restrained from going after someone. During the next few innings you could see Ross yelling at Pelfrey from the Marlins bench.

It didn’t look like Pelfrey was trying to hit Ross. My take is that Ross was trying to get the Marlins fired up after their devastating ninth inning loss on Friday night when Carlos Beltran hit a grand slam off Kevin Gregg. What was your take?

Mets Come From Behind In 12 Innings To Win 7-6

If the Mets turn things around this season, mark this date on your calendar. The Met have their first come from behind win after the seventh inning this season. Fernando Tatis had the big hit off Justin Miller to score Carlos Beltran for the win.

There are so many things to talk about in this game. Endy Chavez hit a pinch hit solo homer in the ninth inning to tie the game and send it to extras. Luis Castillo and Jose Reyes also homered earlier in the game.

I like this lineup much better without Carlos Delgado in there. Damion Easley and Fernando Tatis are doing some nice things at the plate. They were both looking to hit behind runners and lift the ball for sacrifice flies. Those are the little things that you don’t get from Delgado, who’s usually swinging for the fences no matter what the situation dictates.

Aaron Heilman had another really nice outing. He pitched two scoreless innings in the eighth and ninth with four strikeouts. It would be great to have him come back to form.

Oliver Perez was his typical unpredictable self tonight. He went six innings giving up five runs on four hits and four walks with seven strikeouts. The wheels came off in the sixth inning when he gave up six runs.

For the Marlins, Cody Ross hit two bombs. And I mean bombs. His second home run may have actually damaged Citi Field, it went that far. Both homers were off Perez.

The Mets take the series from the Marlins 2 games to 1. The Dodgers come to town tomorrow.

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