Why Inter-League Play Is Great

The modern MLB logo was first used in 1969.Image via Wikipedia

I’ve read a lot of blog posts and heard pronouncements from broadcasters that the Subway Series has become a lame, contrived rivalry. I do agree that the Mets and Yankees series itself isn’t the heated rivalry that we looked forward to in 1997.

But every year I look forward to seeing some of the stars of Major League Baseball that I don’t normally get to see. It’s a 162 game season, so there’s plenty of games to deal with the National League East “traditional” rivalries.

For example, last season I couldn’t wait for the Twins to come to town to get a look at Johan Santana and Torii Hunter. Little did I know that Santana would soon become a Met, but the interest was there on my part. I wasn’t thrilled that Santana threw a four-hit shutout against the Mets but it was fun getting to see one of the best pitchers in the game. Continue reading “Why Inter-League Play Is Great”