Jose Reyes Rocks The Bronx

Sometimes I wonder if it’s a curse that the Mets rely so heavily on Jose Reyes to generate offense for this team. He’s a tremendous offensive player. If you look at Baseball Reference, Reyes is most similar to Hall of Famer Joe Morgan at his age. Although you may dislike Morgan as a broadcaster, he was a dynamic player that had a long, successful career.

Mets vs. Marlins March 31, 2008

Reyes battered the Yankees pitching this weekend. For the series he was 4 for 10, scored two runs, with a double and two home runs and four RBI’s. In the prior series against the Nationals Reyes was 4 for 16 with no extra base hits and one RBI.

You hear it all of the time and it’s true. When Reyes gets going offensively so do the Mets.

I have to admit that I’m concerned about two things with Reyes:

  1. He was popping up pitches against the Yankees almost exclusively. He did hit two out of the park, but hitting ground balls and line drives is his game. He tends to get into these funks when he pops everything up.
  2. He only has twelve stolen bases. That’s currently tied for ninth in baseball. Ichiro has 20 steals already and he’s 34 years old. Reyes should have over twenty steals at this point. And he’s being caught at a higher rate than last season (25% vs. 21%).

Despite my concerns, it’s great to see Jose looking like he’s having fun again. This weekend we saw a lot of smiles and top-step dances. That’s what we need to see more of if the Mets are going to get out of the malaise that the first two months of the season has turned into.