Mets Links: Beltran, Minaya, Stearns, SpongeTech

Mets vs. Rockies

I was just talking to someone the other day about how early January can be kind of slow for happenings with the Mets. I thought the biggest news might be the team signing a free agent pitcher or Bengie Molina. Then that old Mets dysfunction reared its ugly head again late this week when Carlos Beltran had unauthorized knee surgery.

There have been a few other lesser stories going on as well this week. Here are the links:

  • NY TimesOmar Minaya says that the Mets don’t have a problem with Beltran and he’s smoothed over the issues with him. Yeah, sure.
  • NY Post– The Mets are suing SpongeTech for bouncing checks and failing to make payments since October on their advertising contract for Citi Field
  • NY Post– A good article about John Stearns and what he’s up to now