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Mets Road Trip Preview: May 28- June 2, 2010

Travellers Begin To Return Home After Flight Restrictions Are Lifted

The Mets have proven they can win at home; they have the Majors best home record at 19-9. Now they need to shake their funk on the road, where they have a 6-14 clip, which is the worst in the National League and 3rd worst in the Majors.

Friday, May 28th: Mets (Santana) vs. Brewers (Gallardo) 8:10 PM
Saturday, May 29th: Mets (Nieve) vs. Brewers (Parra) 7:10 PM
Sunday, May 30th: Mets (Dickey) vs. Brewers (Wolf) 2:10 PM
Monday, May 31st: Mets (Takahashi) vs. Padres (Correia) 10:05 PM
Tuesday, June 1st: Mets (Pelfrey) vs. Padres (LeBlanc) 10:05 PM
Wednesday, June 2nd: Mets (Santana) vs. Padres (Richard) 6:35 PM Continue reading