Video: Mets 50th Anniversary Discussion

I had a good chat with Kerel Cooper from On The Black about the Mets 50th anniversary this year. You can check it out in the video below. We talked about whether we liked the promotions that the Mets are running this year to celebrate the milestone in team history. And without giving too much away about the video, I have to say that the Mets seem to be getting it right this year. Although, we did discuss the Mets motivation for running so many promotions this year.

Watch the video to see the one thing that I’d like to see the Mets do this year to celebrate their 50th anniversary!

Video: Mets Weekly Report – Fans Staying Interested

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In this week’s Mets Report with Kerel Cooper of On The Black, we talk about how fans are staying interested in the Mets this season. It’s pretty much unanimous now that the Mets have no shot at making the playoffs this year. And the casual Mets fans have been gone for some time now. It’s only the hardcore fans left now that are still paying attention to this team.

What is keeping the hardcore fans interested in this team for the rest of the season? The lineup is in shambles and injuries are all around. The seats are empty at Citi Field. But there are a couple of things I’m interested in watching for the rest of the season. Check out the video below to see what we’re watching for in August and September.

video: Mets Weekly Report – 2011 Mid-Season Awards

In this week’s edition of the Mets Weekly Report, Kerel Cooper of On The Black and I talk about where the Mets are at the mid-point of 2011. We also get into a discussion of the biggest surprises, both good and bad, for the Mets so far this season. We don’t agree on everything. So check out the video below and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Topics include who’s been the best pitcher and position player so far?

One of the points that Kerel and I differ on is the mid-season grade for Terry Collins. What grade would you give Collins for the job he’s done so far?

Video: Live Mets Fan Pre-Game Show July 10, 2011

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Join me and Kerel Cooper of On The Black at 7pm tonight for the Sunday Night Mets pre-game show before the Mets and Giants play at 8pm. The show is for Mets fans to talk about what’s going on in tonight’s game and the team in general.

The show is completely interactive so we’ll be talking about the topics that you bring up and are most concerned about. So don’t just watch the pre-game show on TV, be a part of it!

You can watch the show right here and participate in the live chat. Or you can visit the Sunday Night Mets show page. We do the show every Sunday night at 7pm Eastern time.

Video clips at Ustream

Video: Sunday Night Mets June 19, 2011

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Join me tonight as I co-host the Sunday Night Mets show with Kerel Cooper of On The Black. We’ll be recapping the Angels series and talking about the upcoming series against the A’s among other topics.

The show is completely interactive so your voice is heard and Mets fans run the show. Tonight from 7pm-8pm.

Don’t just watch the TV shows about the Mets, be a part of the show and make sure your voice is heard.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Live Video: Mets Fan Show Weekly Report

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I’ll be doing another live video show with Kerel Cooper of On The Black tonight before the Reds-Giants game on Sunday Night Baseball. We’ll be talking about the week in review for the Mets and the upcoming series’ against the Braves, Angels, and A’s.

Join us at Ustream and be a part of the show. The show will go from 7:30pm to 8:00pm. It’s completely interactive with a chat session so we’ll be answering your questions and discussing the topics that you want to talk about.

Live TV : Ustream

Video: Mets Fan Pre-Game Show May 30, 2011

I’ll be hosting a pre-game show tonight before the Mets-Pirates game with Kerel Cooper of On The Black. Be a part of the show using the live chat to make your opinions known. We’ll be recapping the Phillies series over the weekend and talking about the upcoming Pirates series starting tonight.

Live Video streaming by Ustream

Review: New York Mets The Complete Illustrated History

If you’re a Mets fan, and I’m assuming you are if you’re reading this, “New York Mets The Complete Illustrated History” by Matthew Silverman is a must-have coffee table book. It’s a large book filled with huge pictures of the Mets from 1962 through the 2010 season. If you’ve read any of Silverman’s other books, you know that he’s one of the foremost authors of Mets books. You can see the complete list of books he’s written on his website.

Of course, there’s extra attention paid to the teams from ’62, ’69, ’73, ’86, and 2000 as there should be. There are so many images that I’ve never seen before. Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, and Nolan Ryan together with Gil Hodges was a great picture. I always think of what could have been when I see pictures of Ryan.

Some of the images that really jumped out at me were:

  • Tug McGraw
  • Willie Mays celebrating in the locker room after clinching the NL East in ’73
  • Seaver when he got the news he was traded to the Reds in ’77
  • Doc Gooden in ’84
  • Lenny Dykstra’s walk off homer against the Astros in game 3 of the ’86 NLCS

The thing I like about books like this is that you can pick it up and read through Silverman’s rich description of a season or two. Or you can even go through a decade in an afternoon and get a great feel for the era. The late ’70’s and early ’80’s will be depressing though.

The World Series teams are the most exciting to read about. I particularly love to read about the build up from the abyss of the early ’80’s to the Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter trades, and Doc and Straw coming up to the team. The build up to something great was so clear and palpable.

Overall, it’s a great book to add to your collection if you’re a Mets fan. If you know someone that’s a Mets fan, this is a guaranteed hit as a gift. You can purchase the book at Amazon. It’s listed at $19.80 as of the writing of this post.

I did receive a promotional copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.

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