Billy Wagner Snaps After Game

WFAN’s Ed Coleman talks to Mike and the Mad Dog after the game. Billy Wagner has the same beef that Paul LoDuca had last season. Some players disappear after the game and won’t talk to the press. The issue specifically today was that Carlos Delgado left quickly after the game without talking to the media. Listen to the full story at the WFAN link below. Wagner also spoke his mind to ESPN Radio’s Michael Kay after the game. Read David Lennon’s account of the interview at Newsday.

WFAN Audio

Schneider, Johan Santana Working Together

Jack Curry of the New York Times wrote a good article for the New York Times today about the working relationship between Johan Santana and Brian Schneider. It looks to me like Schneider’s working well with all of the Mets pitchers.

I have to admit that I didn’t like the Milledge for Church/Schneider trade but it’s working out pretty well so far. We won’t know the full implications of the trade for a few years when Lastings Milledge gets into his prime playing years. He just turned 23 last week.

Paul LoDuca has been dreadful for the Nationals and I was really never a fan of his anyway. Read a Nationals blog post here. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that my opinion of him is that his mouth is bigger than his bat or glove.

If Brian Schneider can keep up a little bit of hitting, and he’s over.300 right now, he’ll have made the trade much more palatable.