Minaya Talking To Claudio Vargas

David Lennon of Newsday reports that Omar Minaya has been talking about a possible contract offer to former Brewers pitcher Claudio Vargas. Lennon reports that Vargas’ agent Brian Stringfellow had this to say:

“Omar, to his credit, has been very upfront with me and I appreciate the Mets’ candor,” Stringfellow said. “What I’m hearing from that situation, it just doesn’t jibe. I’m trying to get Claudio in the right situation, not a quick situation.”

Stringfellow sounds like he’s looking for the best scenario for Vargas to get a spot in the rotation. Vargas would probably only be a temporary solution for the Mets.

Apparently, Minaya is also looking at the Robinson Tejada who was recently designated for assignment by the Rangers. The scary thing about him is that the Rangers are giving up on his potential and they haven’t had decent pitching this decade.