Mets Taking Time With Jose Reyes Thyroid Problem

Spring Training - Roger Dean Stadium: José Reyes

Over the last few seasons we’ve seen what could be considered missteps by the Mets trainers and medical staff. Two years ago, they flew Ryan Church around the country with a concussion. Last year they flew Carlos Delgado to San Francisco with a hip injury only to return home the next day. The Mets have a recent history of giving the appearance of not taking precautions with players that are injured.

Although everyone seems to agree that Jose Reyes thyroid problems isn’t serious, it’s the right call to keep him in New York until the course of treatment is settled. As a matter of fact, the situation may only be temporary and not require treatment at all.

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Carlos Beltran Surgery Highlights Mets Medical Problems

Antonio Margarito v Kermit Cintron

By now you’ve likely heard the news that Carlos Beltran had knee surgery without the Mets permission. The surgery was performed by Beltran’s doctor in Colorado. His contract requires that the Mets provide written permission to have elective surgery from the reports that I’ve heard. At issue is whether the knee surgery was medically necessary or not. Now Beltran will miss spring training and likely won’t be able to play until mid-May.

There are several factors involved here including:

  • NY Times– Beltran’s agent, Scott Boras, says that they did have the Mets permission for surgery
  • NY Post- David Wright wonders like every Mets fan why the surgery is being done now?
  • Always Amazin’– Beltran has gone against team medical advice before, in 2000 with the Royals and got suspended for 30 days by the team

This is where the Mets are going to get killed by us and the media for not making any changes to their medical staff after last season’s miscues. Every star player was on the disabled list at some point last year and there was constant confusion about what to do with the players. Remember Carlos Delgado flying to San Francisco for the Mets series there, only to be sent home to go on the disabled list? This situation goes as far back as the 2008 season when Ryan Church was flying around the country with the team after his second concussion of the season.

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Mets News Aug. 19, 2009 Church, Sheffield, Santana, Wagner

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 28: Manager Jerry Manuel ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Of course, the big news of the day is the continuing feud between Ryan Church and Jerry Manuel. But there’s more on the heels of the Mets 9-4 win over Atlanta at Citi Field last night.

Here’s the news:

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Mets Jerry Manuel And Ryan Church Trade Shots

DENVER - JULY 11:  Ryan Church #25 looks on fr...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The Atlanta Braves are in town and Jerry Manuel and Ryan Church took the opportunity to wage a mild war of words. Basically, Manuel said that David Wright’s concussion is being handled differently than Church’s because they’re “different animals”. Manuel later tried to clarify by saying they’re “different individuals” and apologized if Church took offense.

Church responded that he’s fighting for a playoff spot with the Braves and would take the high road by not responding negatively to Manuel’s apparent slight.

It’s difficult to understand why Manuel would use this situation to take a backhanded shot at Church after he’s already been traded away. As Joel Sherman properly points out today, Manuel should be the adult in any situation involving a player.

Despite the public denials, it’s clear for the world to see that these two just don’t like each other and probably never did. That’s fine. It happens. But Manuel needs to tone it down and keep his negative comments to himself about Church. There’s no point in continuing to take jabs at Church. He’s gone. It’s over. Just let it go.

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Preview: Braves at Mets Aug. 18, 2009

braves logoAtlanta Braves (62-56 Road: 30-29) at New York Mets (55-63 Home: 32-27) 7:10pm

Derek Lowe (12-7 4.08) vs. Oliver Perez (2-3 5.97)


What to watch: The Braves come to town hot, winning seven of their last nine games. Lowe has won his last five decisions and hasn’t lost a game since July 5. You already know about the Mets struggles but Perez has pitched well lately only allowing 2 earned runs over 11.2 innings in his last two starts. This will be Ryan Church‘s first game back at Citi Field since being traded to the Braves. I expect him to get a good welcome back from the crowd and everyone on the team, except for maybe Jerry Manuel.

Don’t forget to visit The Mets Report Live Game Chat during the game to chat with other Mets fans!

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Audio: Church, Minaya Discuss Mets-Braves Trade

Ryan ChurchHere’s the announcement to the media from Omar Minaya discussing today’s trade with the Braves. Ryan Church and Jeff Francoeur and trading right fields in the NL East.

Omar Minaya audio

This is Ryan Church’s reaction to the news that he’s been traded to the Braves. He does a good job of showing class when he could have taken the opportunity to air grievances with his year and a half as a Met.

Ryan Church audio

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Mets Trade Church To Braves For Francoeur

Flickr photo courtesy of Keith Allison
Flickr photo courtesy of Keith Allison

We have the announcement of a trade this afternoon with the Mets sending Ryan Church to Atlanta for Jeff Francoeur and cash. It’s basically a swap of under-performing right fielders. Despite Jerry Manuel’s denials, I think we all knew that Church was in his dog house.

We all know Francoeur, we’ve seen him a million times with Atlanta. He’s got a huge arm in the outfield and decent range. He strikes out a LOT and last season was a nightmare for him and he hasn’t been able to turn it around this season either. He’s 25 years-old and in his fifth big league season. He’s making $3.375 million compared to Church’s $2.8 million. That’s why the Mets are getting cash back.

It sounds like a fair deal to me. It won’t change the fortunes of either team in any big way this season or beyond. Both players weren’t meeting expectations, so maybe a new start will work out for them.

Church never seemed like the same player after he suffered a concussion in Atlanta last May. Until then, he was the most valuable player on the Mets. Then the Mets botched his medical situation and flew him around the country with a concussion. He ended up on the disabled list and has never been the same. I like Church as a player but don’t think he’ll ever have much success hitting lefty pitching.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t give us any indication of the direction that Omar Minaya is taking at the trading deadline either. This move doesn’t really improve the team other than adding a right handed bat to a lefty-heavy lineup.

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