Mets-Marlins April 11, 2009 Game Time Change

Flo RidaThe saga of the game time for tonight’s Mets-Marlins game continues. Originally, the game was scheduled for 7:10 pm but it was changed to 6:10 pm to accomodate a concert by Flo Rida. Now we’re hearing that the game is changed to 6:25 pm.

Most likely the latest change is due to television restrictions by Fox. They have exclusive rights to broadcast MLB games on Saturdays until 7:05 pm. So the Mets and Marlins can’t broadcast the beginning of the game. We’ll have to huddle around our radios like it’s the 1940’s. At least we’ll only miss the first 40 minutes before SNY begins airing the game.

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Randolph In Damage Control Mode

Source: Flickr by alpineinc

New York Mets manager Willie Randolph spent the morning doing damage control. He back-tracked from his comments that his problems should be blamed on Mets television network Sports Net New York (SNY) and racism by Mets fans.

Randolph’s story changed completely this morning blaming an under performing Mets team for his problems. He says that it’s all about wins and loses not racism now. Oh, and he’s not blaming SNY anymore either.

Randolph says that his comments about racism were made in a “tongue in cheek” manner. He says that he was speaking in generalities that racism exists in this country.

My take on this is that Randolph is being dishonest and stupid. He wouldn’t have said the things that he did if he didn’t believe them. That’s dishonest. Suddenly he became media saavy today so he’s trying to save face. Continue reading “Randolph In Damage Control Mode”