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You can also read Heyman’s column from yesterday in Sports Illustrated about GM’s that are on the hot seat. Omar Minaya is rightfully listed as number seven on the list. Next season is the last on his contract so he could certainly be fired at any time without major financial repercussions to the team. I’m not saying that he should be fired now, but if the Mets don’t make the playoffs this year the Wilpons should consider it.

National League Cy Young Award Contenders

Johan Santana's 2006 AwardsImage by resedabear via Flickr

When Johan Santana was traded to the Mets this off-season I was thinking that he would win the Cy Young Award for the National League hands down. He still might do that but there are other pitchers having better April’s than Santana.

Brandon Webb (6-0) has been lights out this year and won the award two years ago. His 1.28 ERA and the Diamond Backs early season success has him as the early favorite.

Jake Peavey (2-1), last year’s winner, has a 2.09 ERA in San Diego. With little offensive support and the D-Backs looking like a runaway train in the West, he probably won’t win it again even with another big season.

Johan Santana (3-2) is still in the running. His 3.12 ERA is just fine but not elite material yet. He’s still got plenty of time to take his place among the league leaders so don’t get down on him (or boo him).

John Donovan at Sports Illustrated wrote a good analysis of the pitchers that have Cy Young Award aspirations this season, and the talent to get the award.

Check out the picture of Santana’s 2006 awards: Cy Young Award, MLBPA Players Choice Award, and Baseball America Player of the Year.