Video: Mets Prospect Zack Wheeler

The Mets trade of Carlos Beltran and cash to the Giants for prospect Zack Wheeler should be completed and announced by both teams today. There’s quite a bit of video of Zack Wheeler available including some boring interviews. Here’s some quality video of a single-A start that Wheeler made for San Jose on May 11, 2011.

Wheeler was the sixth overall pick in the draft in 2009 by the Giants. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s assigned to St. Lucie or Binghamton when he joins the Mets. Here are his minor league stats:

2010 20 Augusta SALL A SFG 3 3 3.99 21 13 2 58.2 47 27 26 0 38 70 1.449
2011 21 San Jose CALL A+ SFG 7 5 3.99 16 16 0 88.0 74 44 39 7 47 98 1.375
2 Seasons 10 8 3.99 37 29 2 146.2 121 71 65 7 85 168 1.405
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And here’s some video of his start in May:

Author: Dave Doyle

Although I don’t have a degree in journalism, I love writing about the New York Mets. I’m the typical writer without access. My only accessibility to the Mets is sitting in the stands (often the upper tank) and watching on TV like most fans. I’m not a member of the media, just a fan expressing opinions.

2 thoughts on “Video: Mets Prospect Zack Wheeler”

  1. This is a HUGE pick up!!! Sandy did a great job with this trade. The Mets are finally looking toward the future and this was a brilliant move.

    As for Wheeler he has a smooth motion that is easily repeatable. He has sneaky speed and an easy motion. He is currently striking out more then a man per inning and will be a great front end starter when he hits the bigs. We might see him as early as 2012, but I see him in the rotation full time in 2013.

    HUGE pick up!

    1. All of the analysts are saying that this was a good pickup for the Mets and Alderson did a good job getting Wheeler, the Giants top pitching prospect. We won't really know for a few years but Wheeler could have a big impact on the Mets in exchange for the Giants getting 60 games out of Beltran.

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