Billy Wagner Mets Only All-Star

image Billy Wagner was selected to the 2008 All-Star game to represent the Mets. He’s had a great season, minus the one week that got Willie Randolph fired.

David Wright is one of five finalist for the last spot on the roster. Voting is available at He’s up against Pat Burrell of the Phillies, Corey Hart of the Brewers, Carlos Lee of the Astros, and Aaron Rowand of the Giants.

I’m surprised that Johan Santana wasn’t selected. Despite his 7-7 record he’s fifth in the league in ERA at 2.96 and seventh in WHIP at 1.19. He’s been really good without receiving much run support from his teammates.

Click here for the complete list of All-Star selections.

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2 thoughts on “Billy Wagner Mets Only All-Star

  1. td

    I’m hoping that Wagner gets moved at the deadline. Let’s hope he impresses at the All Star game.

  2. Dave Doyle Post author

    Ugh. I know when a closer blows a save it’s especially bad. But Wagner blowing a save in Philly hurts even more than usual.

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