Mets Delay Santana’s Elbow Examination

Johan SantanaMets ace Johan Santana threw 35 pitches this morning at about 80-85% velocity. He reportedly felt fine afterward. But his trip to New York to have the injured elbow looked at was delayed due to the impending snow storm here in New York.

Pitching coach Dan Warthen and Santana seem to be at odds over the cause of the injury. Santana believes the aggresive throwing schedule that Warthen mandates caused the elbow pain. Warthen believes that Santana had an agenda to prepare himself for the World Baseball Classic caused the injury.

Either way, they just need to get Santana right at this point. After the throwing session today Santana told reporters (from NY Daily News):

“I felt fine. It’s the first time in the last four days that I threw, but I feel good. … As you throw more pitches, you feel better. That tells me we’re making progress and getting loose.”

As Omar Minaya told reporters, the important thing is that he felt good after throwing. Hopefully, he’s not trying to be a hero and telling the Mets that he’s fine when he’s not. Time will tell.

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2 thoughts on “Mets Delay Santana’s Elbow Examination

  1. MetStatHead

    This is a major concern. Why he wouldn’t go and get the tests done is beyond me. I say it’s always better to be safe then sorry. If he has issues with his elbow then let’s deal with it now and not wait until it gets worse and we lose him in the middle of the season!

  2. Robin

    For a team that said Ryan Church would be fine in a few days last season, you would think they would treat this situation differently based on how they screwed that one up. Safety first! I also must add that the “opening day start” aspect of Johan doesnt bother me, as long as he gets to around the same amount of regular season total starts as last season. And more importantly that he has a lot of starts in October.

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