Omar Minaya Apologizes For Trashing Adam Rubin

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After Mets GM Omar Minaya attempted to discredit NY Daily News reporter Adam Rubin at a press conference today, he thought better of it and issued an apology. Interestingly, COO Jeff Wilpon was by his side looking like an adult forcing a child to apologize for bad behavior.

You can see the original press conference here. Oh, by the way, the press conference was to announce that the Mets fired VP Player Development Tony Bernazard.

Rubin quickly became the focus of the press conference to everyone’s surprise. This just goes to show that the Mets can make a bad situation even worse. You can see Rubin’s response to Minaya’s accusations here.

It’s been a bizzare day, even by Mets standards. This kind of bad PR just can’t be doing Minaya any good right now. Unbelievable… Does the embarrassment ever end?

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4 thoughts on “Omar Minaya Apologizes For Trashing Adam Rubin

  1. RobinTheBoyWonderingWTF

    The inmates are running the asylum. I would ask again what next? but apparently all I have to do is wait.

  2. JimI

    Alright, I admit it…I was one of the weekly callers who called Jeff Wilpon looking for career advice

      1. RobinTheBoyWonderingWTF

        Dave, are you sure Coupon still has a billion? some inmate in federal prison madoff with quite a bit of it? 😛

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