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My 2010 MLB All-Star Ballot – John Wenk

NL-1B-Albert Pujols-Cardinals
He is still the most feared hitter in baseball in my mind.

NL-2B-Martin Prado-Braves
Prado is well on his way to a 200 hit season. Impressive.

NL-SS-Jose Reyes-Mets
I refuse to vote for a self-absorbed player like Hanley. Reyes is back to form.

NL-3B-David Wright-Mets
Despite the high K totals, still a great run producer. I really don’t want to see Polanco get the start.

NL-C-Miguel Olivo-Rockies
9 HR’s and a .300+ average, Olivo is warming up to the thin mountain air just fine.

NL-LF-Ryan Braun-Brewers
The Hebrew Hammer continues to mash for the Brew Crew.

NL-CF-Andrew McCutchen-Pirates
The dynamic rising star is a bright spot in a losing organization.

NL-RF-Jayson Werth-Phillies
I’m going against all of my morals with this pick. If Ethier didn’t miss some time perhaps he’d get the nod from me.

NL-SP-Ubaldo Jimenez-Rockies
At this rate, likely MVP and Cy Young award winner. He is on another level.

NL-RP-Brian Wilson-Giants
Wilson pitches with the ideal closer attitude and has the numbers to back it up. Continue reading

My 2010 MLB All-Star Ballot – Dave Doyle

Since All-Star voting is in full swing and the actual game is coming up on July 13 in Anaheim, I thought it was a good time to share my ballot with you. I tried to set aside any team-specific biases that I have, but when I finished writing out my ballot I noticed that I didn’t have any Phillies players on the ballot. So I’m not so sure that I did a great job of being unbiased.

Anyway, my votes are below. Comment on this post if you agree or disagree with my votes.