Video: Mets 2011 Preview from Fox Sports

New York Mets Third Baseman David Wright

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Jim Bowden previews the 2011 Mets for Fox Sports in the video below. I think he pretty much nailed it. 2011 probably isn’t going to be a great year for the Mets. The finances appear to be a problem and it led to little offseason activity. The Mets have a few valuable pieces, notably David Wright and Jose Reyes, that can deliver production for the team or return value in a trade.

The prediction is for the Mets to finish fourth in the NL East and I think that’s a pretty fair assessment. You could make an argument for a third place finish, but I think it would be difficult to predict that the Mets will finish with a better record than the Phillies or Braves.

As Bowden mentioned, with about $60 million coming off the books in 2012, next year’s team will look a lot different than what we’re watching this season.

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