Wright Call Lands Sheffield For Mets

David WrightThe newest Met, Gary Sheffield, spoke to the media today after the last exhibition game of the season against the Red Sox. Sheffield talked about how his uncle, Dwight Gooden, had spoken to him over the years about signing with the Mets. But it never quite worked out, until now.

One interesting fact that came out during the press conference was that David Wright called Sheffield urging him to sign with the Mets. Jimmy Rollins from the Philadelphia Phillies and Dusty Baker from the Cincinnati Reds had also put calls into Sheffield.It seems that Sheffield was most impressed that Wright made the effort to get in touch with him about signing with the Mets.

From ESPN:

“When you have the face of the franchise making a call to you, that means a lot,” said Sheffield, who’s one home run shy of 500. “You never want to tell other people you’re going the other way, but when he made that call I made my decision.”

Apparently, David Wright really has some clout around baseball now. That’s great for a young guy that hasn’t been around that long to have established himself. We’ll see how much Marlon Anderson, Ryan Church, and Daniel Murphy appreciate Wright’s call to Sheffield. They’re the ones that stand to lose the most by Sheffield’s presence on the team.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Although I don’t have a degree in journalism, I love writing about the New York Mets. I’m the typical writer without access. My only accessibility to the Mets is sitting in the stands (often the upper tank) and watching on TV like most fans. I’m not a member of the media, just a fan expressing opinions.

11 thoughts on “Wright Call Lands Sheffield For Mets”

  1. I’m glad Wright got involved. Getting the stamp of approval from the face of the franchise on this is important, especially considering the perceived negative qualities that seem to follow Sheffield. As you know Dave – I’m like this signing and I think it will work out for the Mets.

    1. All David wants to do is win. I don’t think most professional ballplayers worry about how another teammate’s playing time is effected other than their own. If David thinks it will help the team, I think it shows his leadership is surfacing. but in the end, its because Sheffield is a low financial risk. If he cost the Mets a lot of $$$ , David could call 911 and it wouldnt have mattered.

  2. I hope this whole thing works out for the Mets–and it can if Sheffield: realizes he will be a DH, Pinch-Hitter, and start about 20 games in the field.

    This gives him about 200 at-bats.

  3. I don’t have as much faith in Murphy playing every day as most Mets fans. Until I see him do it, I want to have a good backup plan. Sheffield gives them that backup plan. Murphy got 10 at-bats against lefties last season. And he has no power, not to mention he’s a butcher in the outfield. I’d like to see him succeed but I’m glad to have Sheffield there in case things don’t work out.

  4. I have been concerned with Murphy ever since the Mets said they would have no part in the bidding for Manny… Murphy is a decent hitter, but when I took a look at his swing it looks like he has some holes…

    A righty power bat is what this lineup needed and if we can get some production from an aging future HOFer, then so be it… I just would have rather spend the money on a Manny or Dunn to get the power from a known source instead of taking a chance on a player… But that is why I am not a GM…

    1. Murphy has had a lot imposed on him by Manuel for a guy that was in AA ball last season, and as Dave accurately portrays it, is a butcher in the field. The good sign is, he plays extremely hard, the media is NOT comparing him to previous young Mets players as being a “savior” so the bar is not as high. I havent seen the power yet either , but he does have a nice stroke, and power comes with more experience at the MLB level. It is safe to say, the jury is out. but I am leaning towards acquittal. lol

  5. So now I think we should be considering Murphy at 2B… He has played the infield before, and might actually be better then Castillo on the field…

    Sheff and Church at the corners in the OF with Murphy at 2B would give the lineup a much better look… This would push Church down to the 7 spot and Schniender to the 8 hole…


    I like the way that looks!

      1. Dave, I hate to say it… The defense is awful in left field and second base right now…

  6. I’m trying to keep a positive spin with our second baseman right now! Castillo is no Joe Morgan at second. He’s definitely not Dan Uggla either (defensively or offensively). I’m predicting a turn around season for Castillo. The guy looks healthy and isn’t wobbling around like last season. My prediction is that Castillo will be the #2 guy in the lineup. Murph will struggle and be replaced by Tatis/Sheffield in left.
    A month from now, it wil be funny looking back at this post and seeing how completely wrong my prediction is.

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